About Me

With over 30 years of writing and editing experience, I have worked with a wide variety of industries, including technology, health care, cosmetics, education, aerospace, literacy, travel, non-profit, and so many more!  I will help you with content for web pages, documents, articles, cover letters, applications, newsletters, brochures, resumes, or proposals.

As part of my website assessment,  I can also teach you what to look for, how to create great content, and ways to promote your business on Social Media. You have other things to do, so let me do the writing for you! 

I have been tutoring and coaching writing since 1985, with experience tutoring at UCLA, teaching and tutoring writing at USC, and working with private clients. I will help you create your best work with writing tips for how to do it yourself so that next time is even easier! I am gentle, patient, and never judgmental. Get help with college applications, resumes, the completion of books, dissertations, manuals, anything in English that you, your student, or your business might want or need!

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