Writing and Editing Services

I consider writing and editing a collaboration. Nothing that I present you is final until you are happy with it. We work together to ensure that you are putting something out in the world that you feel good about and can proudly stand behind.

I will create original documents for you, based on your goals and needs. Documents may be business or personal in nature and may range from half-a-page to thousands of pages. Examples of originally written documents include marketing literature, website content), procedures manuals, grant proposals, wedding vows, and formal responses to Requests For Proposals (RFPs). I will completely edit, polish, and proofread the work before presenting you with the final copy.

Editing and Rewriting:
Beginning with a document that you create, I will polish it into an effective, persuasive piece that compels your audience and is clear of all grammatical and typographical errors.

Proofreading Only:
I will take your own final document and carefully examine every word for proper spelling, grammar, and typography. I will indicate all errors to you and offer instant correction using Microsoft Word’s “Tracking” feature if the files are supplied electronically. (This proofreading service is offered at no extra charge for all documents that are written and/or edited by me.)